Tandem Cultural Dialogues - exploring future at the intersection of arts and science

Tandem Cultural Dialogues (TCD) is an annual current situation and future scenario analysis, which seeks to explore the role and function of art and culture in societal development through bilateral dialogues. The project is initiated by the Finnish Swedish Cultural Foundation and their program office Tandem. TCD is made up of three parts, where the conference is the back bone of the project. Climate Culture Conference 2019 was the first ever TCD conference.


First years Tandem Cultural Dialogues conference was arranged with the theme “Climate Culture” on June 12th 2019 in Stockholm.

The Climate Culture conference is a forum where artists, scholars, students and politicians come together to discuss matters and issues concerning culture and art in our society in the time of climate change.

Climate change is a threat not only to nature, but also to our societies. It threatens all species and transforms our civilisations, but still, carbon emissions are higher than ever. Is it possible that we still lack a deeper understanding of the risks that threatens humanity?  The time to transform our societies and lifestyles is limited. Can we picture a fossil free and globally just future?

The purpose of the conference is to deepen the analysis of how arts and science interact with our perception of climate change when we shape the future.

For broader and deeper discussions and insights, we would like to involve as many people as possible with different knowledge and backgrounds. Therefore, interested members of the public and the media are also warmly welcome to attend.

TCD - the Conference

The purpose of the TCD conference is to deepen the analysis of leading trends and societal development, from the perspective of the challenges and possibilities faced by art and culture. The event will act as a catalyst for a bilateral sharing of knowledge and ideas between scholars, artists, students and politicians. Interested members of the public and the media are also welcome to attend.

TCD – Round table discussion

In order to deepen the analysis and explore the capacity and the developmental needs of the cultural sector, as well as possible bilateral synergies and exchanges of knowledge, a special round table discussion will be organised in the evening. The discussion takes place at a dinner held in conjunction with the conference and will operate under Chatham House Rule, i.e. in the dissemination of any information after the event, nothing will be done to identify who said what. This event is by invitation only. 

TCD - Summary

The conference will be documented and also complemented by relevant articles in an annual written summary. The text will be be shared with the purpose of increasing national and international interest in how proactive bilateral collaborations can contribute to development in terms of breadth and depth, in anticipation of future challenges and possibilities. The report will also enable Finnish-Swedish Cultural Foundation to develop the bilateral culture and research collaboration on a long-term basis. 


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12th of June 2019




Anni Heikka

Project manager

Anni works as a project manager and coordinatort the Finnish-Swedish Cultural Foundation.



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Minetta Westerlund

Intern and project assistant

Minetta was interning at the Finnish-Swedish Cultural Foundation from March to June